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Why GIT Motors trusted source to buy oils, filters and auto parts!
  • Year 1989 GIT Motors founded

    Founded in 1989 by Opening the place for the sale of all types of auto spare parts. Company was keen to satisfy customers in terms of quality products sold and low prices also. The company began creating a special market to get customers trust in the place and its products.
  • Year 1993 The company went towards specialization

    In 1993 it has become difficult to stability in the market only through specialization. and so, We started search for a special products only so as to complete the main objective is to provide the highest quality products at low prices, thus obtaining customer satisfaction.
    In in 1995 were obtained power of attorney certified for spare parts for Hyundai cars, And that was the main goal of development is to provide only the original pieces to customers.
  • Year 1997 Expansion of in the local market

    In thinking began in 1997 in the distribution of spare parts and wholesale introduction a new service in this area is the delivery requirements for each place is here expanded to include the distribution of different filters and tools electricity and oil Motor addition to spare parts.
    And in 1998 succeeded in the idea of distribution and customer satisfaction, and increased distributions. The company got many other agencies in this area.
  • Year 2000Franchise Car filters

    In in 2001 also was able to obtain many of the agencies oils cars, for example: Shell - Caltex - Exxon Mobil - Cooperative Association of Petroleum ( Co-Op Petroleum ).
    In 2002 the company become one from the biggest of the companies in this field advantages in terms of delivering services to clients in the shortest time, at their request, through a series of cars led by a group of delegates skilled.
  • Year 2005Franchise for Shell lubricants in Port Said

    In 2004 the company was able to access senior distributors like Shell and Caltex.
    In in 2005 was the opening of a branch company in Port Said agent of Shell Lubricants only and this for the first time.
  • Years 2006 - 2007Distribution of Fuchs German products

    In 2006 the company obtained the first place in the distribution of products from Fuchs German, in Lipid products and oils products " one Stop " and its became our identity in market.
    In 2007 the company had planned to develop more evident not just sell products but to import high-quality products and providing guarantee to the client in pieces sold, which wasn't available before.
  • Year 2011The local manufacturing of filters

    The company also began local manufacturing of some products by 2011 has been the establishment of factory to manufacture all kinds of automotive filters under the name “DEFO Egypt”
  • Year 2013The official agent for “WOLVER”

    GIT Motors provide distribution services and direct sale to the final consumer of the product oils like “WOLVER” and we delivered our products form door to door, and our prices are among the lowest of the oils available in the local market that we are confident enough to offer a low price guarantee on all our products added to product quality characteristics.

Best performance

Best performance from Shell Global

In June of 2009 the company was honored for its activity in the area of distribution of the oil company Shell Global, and that the company ranked first in the Arab Republic of Egypt within the framework of the company’s efforts in the development in thought of Marketing In the field of distribution.

Best performance from Shell Global

Best performance at June 2009 from Shell Global

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